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Pie Birds were originally made to serve as a steam funnel to keep the pie filling from boiling over.  The base would be under the top crust and the actual bird above the crust, with the steam escaping through the hole in the beak.  Although traditionally made in the shape of a bird, many novel shapes exist, and are eagerly collected.  There is an international pie bird collector club that can be found on our Clubs and Newsletters page linked at left.  We offer two different shapes made for us by HotOven China Company, the chubby little songbird and the Deco Duck, styled after the popular Harlequin duck figurines, as shown above.  

piebird-chubby-red-poppy.JPG (42855 bytes)At right is the "Chubby Songbird" shape pie bird in the Red Poppy decoration.  These measure 5" tall.  They feature platinum trim on the beak and feet.  The price is $24.95 each.  


piebird-duck-red-poppy.JPG (42675 bytes)Some patterns have both shapes available, and Red Poppy is one of them.  This is the Deco Duck shape and also features platinum trim and the Red Poppy decoration.  It is 5 " tall and is also $24.95 each



These pie birds are sold as collector items only and most should not be used for actual food or baking use (as non-certified decal decorations on the bases would come in contact with the pie's filling) and they are marked to that effect.



piebird-chubby-autumn-leaf.JPG (42925 bytes)

                           piebird-duck-autumn-leaf.JPG (37675 bytes)At left is the Chubby Style in Autumn Leaf, At right is the Deco Duck.  Both feature 24kt gold on their beaks and Autumn Leaf decorations and either one is $24.95 each.   




piebird-chubby-orange-poppy.JPG (42276 bytes)

pie-duck-orange-poppy.JPG (38543 bytes)At left is the Chubby Songbird shape in the Orange Poppy Decoration, at right is the Deco Duck Shape.  Both feature platinum trim and are $24.95 each





piebird-chubby-currier-ives.JPG (41994 bytes)Oh this one IS a popular one!  The blue Currier & Ives design is made to coordinate with the old Royal China dinnerware.  The scroll motif is on each wing and the base features the engraving "Central Park" and the words "Currier & Ives" all in underglaze.  $24.95 each.




piebird-duck-crocus.JPG (39191 bytes)

Here is the colorful CROCUS pattern, to match that wonderful deco pattern.  With Platinum trim.  $24.95 each






piebird-duck-blue-bouquet.JPG (42534 bytes)

And we have not forgotten Blue Bouquet collectors either.  The elegant floral and blue trellis pattern decorates the base of our Deco Duck shape piebird.   With Platinum trim.  $24.95 each




piebird-duck-silhouette.JPG (38149 bytes)Sometimes called "Taverne", the Silhouette pattern is a collector favorite, and despite picturing colonial gentlemen, has the most Art Deco look of all the patterns.  With Platinum trim.  $24.95 each




piebird-duck-cattail.JPG (39380 bytes)Another iconic pattern of the 30's, Cattail adorned everything from dinnerware to kitchen scales and dinette sets.  Now it graces our Deco Duck shape piebird.  With Platinum trim.  $24.95 each




piebird-duck-red-riding-hood.JPG (41040 bytes)One of the most beautiful of the piebirds, this is to coordinate with the old Hull Pottery line of Little Red Riding Hood.  It features her face on front and back of the base, violets on the wings, gold on the eyes and beak and blue "brushwork" on the tail and feet.  $24.95





piebird-duck-merry-xmas-2002.JPG (43869 bytes)

These were made for Christmas 2002 and feature poinsettia and holly on the base and gold trim with "Merry Christmas 2002" on the duck's back $19.95






piebird-duck-lladro-colors-pastels.JPG (37249 bytes)These feature soft colors applied under glaze on the Deco Duck shape piebirds.  We have the base banded in either blue or light green with natural colors as shown $14.95 each





piebird-ducks-harlequin-colors-2.JPG (65445 bytes)piebird-ducks-harlequin-colors-3.JPG (62292 bytes)piebird-ducks-harlequin-colors-yellow-closeup.JPG (40948 bytes)We love these solid glazed Deco Duck shaped Piebirds in these lively colors!  Very cheerful when grouped.  

Colors available at present, front row, above, left to right -




  Vintage Rose



  Forest Green

  Cobalt Blue

  Harlequin Yellow 


These look GREAT with a collection of Harlequin or vintage colorware.   

And at only $9.95 each you can afford a bouquet of them- in fact, when you take one of each color, we will make the deal even better- all 6 for $49.95


You may email us at china_specialties@msn.com  with any questions.  We ship to the United States only.   To order, list the pie birds above that you want and send a check or money order for the merchandise total plus $4 shipping for the first pie bird and $2 for each additional one.  We generally ship pie birds by Post Office.  

write us at

China Specialties, Inc.

P.O. Box 361280

Strongsville, OH 44136


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