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This is where we highlight all our latest introductions-

From Hall China for Our Fall Harvest Tables


a little three legged kettle that looks great holding Candy Corn, Nuts, or even  use it to serve Apple Butter or Bar-be-que sauce.  Very cute! 


Our new item this season from Columbia China-

set of four  Double EGG CUPS

above:  for breakfast as an egg cup for soft boiled eggs

below:  for first course at dinner-  shrimp cocktail 

The double egg cups come with one small end for soft or hard boiled eggs... turn it upside down, and the cup is used for poached eggs (to dip toast points in) or use them as we do here to elegantly serve a shrimp cocktail as the first course at dinner.  


Columbia China Table Lamp- 

23" tall with ivory fabric shade.  

Ivory glazed china fount with fired on design (Autumn Leaf pattern shown here) in bright brass mounts.  Very Limited numbers left.... contact us for availability.

Price is $235.00 plus $15 shipping.

A very few available in Red Poppy, Crocus, Silhouette, Orange Poppy, Cat-tail, Gamebird and Blue Bouquet patterns as well as Autumn Leaf


Our New Treatment of the traditional Autumn Leaf pattern

Spring Leaf

Hall China Automobile Teapot 

Purple, Lavender, Lilac, Deep and Lime Greens

Ever wonder what the Autumn Leaf pattern looked like back in the spring?.... Jewel Tea actually did some experiments with the design in these colors on cloth items, but had never produced china items in this lovely (and currently trendy) color combination.   Our initial piece is the Automobile Teapot which is limited to only 500 pieces in this color variation.


Hall China International Teapot


1 cup size in a very unique style... the Ruffled Collar coordinates nicely with the Ruffled D dinnerware style.  Available in Autumn Leaf as well as Red Poppy, Crocus, Silhouette, Orange Poppy, Cat-tail, Gamebird and Blue Bouquet patterns.  Only $39.95 plus $6 shipping


Our latest additions to the Collector Miniature line of scale models of the original Autumn Leaf items ... the Ball Jug and the Tootsie Casserole, shown here with the full size originals .... the level of detail is amazing!!

This line is becoming very popular!  Many other items are available.


Candle Warmer Base- 

fits almost all Teapots and Coffeepots 

Notice how beautifully the Windshield Teapot is complimented by the warmer base. This candle warmer fits both round and oval shaped pots. 

(as well as many bean pots, casseroles and serving bowls)

I love the concept of a candle warmer base like the original one made by Hall for Jewel Tea.... except the warmer base only fits a few of the teapots. Have an oval teapot? You need an oval warmer base. 

warmerbase-coffeepot.JPG (35889 bytes) Likewise with the coffeepot, you need the round base, and the way they were designed was the top rim of that old base basically made a collar that the tea or coffeepot kind of settled down into, so the warmer bases changed the look of the pots, sort of negating any foot they might have and making them look more clunky. This warmer base is my own design, and I wanted it to be a bit more versatile, fitting both oval and round teapot and coffeepots. It has a larger top to accommodate a wider variety of pots and has a pleated top platform that both guides away drips and allows the FOOT of the teapot to sit on the platform and maintain the lines of the teapot.

And this base is very ELEGANT if I do say so mywarmerbase-redpoppyteapot.JPG (53542 bytes)self. As the majority of these are to be made in the Autumn Leaf pattern, I directed Columbia to emboss leaf detail and add a stroke of gold to each leaf where the little feet attach to  the base. This mimics the embossed leaf design on the lids of the old Hall pots, like the old Hall Autumn Leaf Coffeepot shown on our new Columbia warmer. Note how the lines of this pot are totally complimented by the design of the new warmer. Then notice how wonderfully the Windshield teapot is displayed on the warmer base as well. It makes a beautiful pot even more beautiful, and turns it into a centerpiece in your collection. And even oval pots look great on the warmer,

warmerbase-crocus-teapot.JPG (50957 bytes)This candle warmer takes a standard little tea candle (we  bought a big container of them and will try to throw one in each order as long as they last) and it will keep the large Autumn Leaf coffee pot shown here hot for a couple hours. The pattern on the Autumn Leaf warmer repeats around it three times and on the back side, there is a beautifully finished access opening to replace and light the candle. 

warmerbase-for-gravy-batterbowl.JPG (42086 bytes)These are also great under our Batter Bowls (used as a family sized gravy boat) to the keep a whole lotta gravy hot at Thanksgiving, as shown in Autumn Leaf here.   You can also use them under a variety of bean pots and bowls. I use the largest mixing bowl on one as a chafing dish (see the article on how to make your own).... I love this candle warmer for how usable it is and how wonderfully it blends with both the old and new items and ties them all together. 

These candle warmer bases are available in
Autumn Leaf 


Red Poppy

Orange Poppy


Blue Bouquet




New Hall China Autumn Leaf Beer Stein


Holds 20 ounces, one of Hall China's oldest shapes

Everyone needs at least one.... dedicated Beer Drinkers need a set!

5 1/2" tall






Hall China Teapot-

Princess Diana Commemorative

"Diana, The People's Princess" 1961-1997

Ivory glazed Hall China Streamline Teapot with Platinum Trim with Diana's Portrait on each side and the lid.  Notice how the oval motifs are repeated in the shape of the teapot and the decoration to make a particularly lovely teapot, and a "must have" in any Hall Teapot Collection.

Full size 6 cup size.  One of Hall China's most famous shapes decorated with one of the world's most famous faces.








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