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Maverick Menagerie Animals 

by China Specialties


Our recreations of the highly collectible Harlequin Animals-  Back in the 40's the original Harlequin animals were made for F.W. Woolworth, and almost immediately, dozens of private potteries began making copies.  These copies, which were usually slightly smaller and less detailed than the original Harlequin Animals because the molds for them were cast from the glazed Harlequin originals, sold in greater numbers and for a longer period than the Harlequin originals, and today, collectors find 2 or 3 of the old "mavericks" for every original H.L.C. produced one from the 40's.   

Like those original non-HLC produced "maverick" animals, our "Maverick. Menagerie" animals are not produced by Homer Laughlin, but unlike those vintage "mavericks" these animals are FULL Size and have sharp detail, because we had our artist recreate the molds from scratch.  We periodically bring out new colors that the vintage were not originally produced in.  We keep them in stock in the following colors-

1940's Cobalt

1950's Rose

1950's Forest Green




In the pictures below, our new $25 animal is at the left, the antique $200 one is at right.  Keep checking back as we will add group shots showing the selection of colors that are currently available.  We are bringing out new colors on a regular basis.

click picture to see enlargement

new_cat_left_vintage_right.JPG (31437 bytes)

new_lamb_left_vintage_right.JPG (36737 bytes)

new_donkey_left_vintage_right.JPG (35374 bytes)

new_penguin_left_vintage_right.JPG (30908 bytes)

new_fish_left_vintage_right.JPG (52511 bytes)

new_duck_left_vintage_right.JPG (30291 bytes)

new backstamp fish.JPG (38020 bytes) "Maverick Menagerie" mark on base of Fish

new duck pie bird.JPG (21911 bytes)


Harlequin duck inspired Piebird...

to see all the colors this Piebird is available in click here