The Jewel Tea Historical Foundation of Barrington, Illinois

"I would like to ask you to Consider Joining the Jewel Tea Historical Foundation"

A word from Virginia Lee, founder of China Specialties


I would encourage those who truly feel a commitment to the memory of the Jewel Tea Company, to actually donate to or join the Jewel Tea Historical Foundation, the J.T.H.F.,  in Barrington, Illinois.

They have been a legal non profit from the very beginning and actually have had a worthy educational purpose. We both currently belong to and have donated portions of the profits of various Autumn Leaf china items we have had made in the past to the Foundation, such as the Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf Shelf sign being offered on this site.

They are very deserving of your


They deserve your support too, as they try to archive and restore records and research materials relating to the old Jewel Tea Company. They are also gathering funds to build a new visitor's center so the public can have a place to view the history of the Jewel Tea Company.

You can join the Foundation for $30 per year or make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution to help preserve Jewel Tea History and help build the visitors center. The address to make contributions or join the foundation  is


The Jewel Tea Historical Foundation,

212 W. Main Street,

Barrington IL 60010